Signs of Lead Exposure in Babies

As the parent of a newborn baby, it is very important to be aware of the dangers of lead based paint exposure for infants. In this video from Parents, you will learn how to tell if your child has come ...
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Following California's Lead Guidelines

Lead based paint is now acknowledged as a serious health threat to persons of all ages, but that has not always been true. When you decide to purchase an older home, you may find yourself in need of ...
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What to Do if Your Home Is Exposed to Biological Contaminants

When flooding occurs in your area, it is important to trust the professionals with your clean up procedure. Flooding, excessive rains, and sewer backups can all cause biological contaminants to enter ...
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Steps California Has Taken to Remove Lead Contaminants

Lead is an incredibly toxic substance that can cause significant health problems in people of all ages. When a growing child is exposed to lead based paint, he or she can develop cognitive issues and ...
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When Was Asbestos First Discovered?

Asbestos is an extremely durable and flame-retardant material that occurs in the natural world. If you are scheduling asbestos removal in the Bay Area, it may be helpful to learn a bit about the ...
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