Breaking Down Myths About Lead Exposure

Lead exposure is a real threat that can have devastating effects on your health. Unfortunately, there is a great deal of confusion surrounding lead based paint and lead poisoning symptoms in the Bay Area. You may have heard that lead exposure only affects children or that lead poisoning symptoms don’t even exist anymore. Some believe that the only way for a child to experience lead poisoning symptoms is by ingesting lead paint chips. If you are interested in breaking down these lead exposure myths and learning the truth, read ahead.

Myth: Lead exposure only affects children. Lead Exposure

People often associate lead poisoning symptoms with children. In reality, people of all ages can be susceptible to lead exposure, and anyone can develop lead poisoning symptoms. This association between children and lead exposure exists because symptoms can be more severe in children, and kids may be more likely to accidentally experience lead exposure. For children, lead poisoning symptoms could include learning and developmental disabilities, which may have a substantial impact on their quality of life. In adults, symptoms may include fatigue, constipation, pain in the joints, or headaches and insomnia.

Myth: There is no more lead poisoning.

Lead poisoning is still very much a threat in today’s society. Some people are under the impression that it’s not, because lead is no longer used in paint products. While it’s true that lead is no longer being actively used, there is still plenty of lead paint in many of today’s homes. If your home was built just a few decades ago, you might want to look into lead based paint removal. Even if you’re not sure when your home was built, it’s always better to be safe.

Myth: Kids who don’t eat paint chips won’t get lead poisoning.

Children have developed lead poisoning symptoms from eating lead based paint chips, but this is not the only way lead exposure happens. If you’re remodeling your home or even just doing some spring cleaning, you could disturb existing lead based paint. In doing so, you might introduce lead particles into the air, and your children might breathe them in.

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