Steps to Take Before Beginning Abatement

Whether you’re dealing with lead, mold, or asbestos, a professional environmental services company can make sure that your home is safe by getting rid of these harmful substances through an abatement process. However, there are a few steps you need to take before the professionals can come in and remove asbestos, mold, or lead from your home.

  • Remove personal belongings and appliances from the area(s) of your home in which abatement will be occurring
  • Curtain rods and other fixtures that are attached to walls and ceilings should be removed to allow for containment during abatement
  • Turn off HVAC equipment
  • Additional preparation may be requested

Depending on the size and scope of the abatement project, you may also need to make arrangements to stay with friends or family while your home is rid of mold, lead, or asbestos. An abatement company in the Bay Area will inform you of how long the process should take and whether or not you’ll be allowed to stay in your home during the removal.

house abatement project preparation

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