What is lead?

Lead is a heavy metal extensively used in the past for its durability in the production of paint and glazing. Most buildings constructed prior to 1978 contain lead in at least one layer of paint. Generally, the older the building, the more likely lead paint is present. Lead can be found in:


  • Paint 

  • Household dust from deteriorated paint or from past renovation activities

  • Soil around a building from deteriorated paint, from past renovation activities, or even from the past use of leaded gas in cars 

Is lead harmful to my health?

In general, harmful exposure can occur when lead dust is inhaled or ingested as a result of:

  • Aging paint on surfaces (breaks down and may chalk or flake into small lead dust particles)

  • Opening and closing painted doors or windows causing chipping

  • Demolition work

  • Building or home maintenance or renovation

  • After a catastrophe such as a fire or flood

A person's body absorbs lead as if it were a needed mineral, like calcium or iron. Gradually the lead builds up in the body and can lead to:


  • Anemia

  • Weakness

  • Memory loss

  • Abdominal pain

  • Kidney, nervous system, and brain damage

  • Developmental issues in young children (children commonly explore the world through touch and taste, often crawling or playing on affected surfaces)

What should I do about it?

Because of the complexity and seriousness of a project involving lead, it is important to test any painted surfaces prior to disturbing them. If it is determined there is lead in the paint, hire a contractor with the proper licenses and certifications at the earliest stage possible so that your job is handled efficiently, safely, and in compliance with the law.


Lead regulations are complex to say the least. Each project has unique qualities that require extensive knowledge of the mandated requirements, and the available techniques and methods to satisfy them. A lead abatement project may involve containment as well as interior or exterior demolition, deconstruction, detailed cleaning, or paint stabilization. Training and experience are a must to ensure the efficient completion of your project.


ERI will work diligently to be quick and efficient, without ever sacrificing safety or compliance. We would never risk anyone’s safety, both yours and our employees, by cutting corners – ever.


We encourage you to thoroughly screen and evaluate each abatement contractor you consider hiring – including ERI!

We are very proud of our impeccable track record with regulatory agencies and our customers.


We are confident Environmental Remedies, Inc. will be the best option for your lead abatement needs.

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